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Gen2 Gameicon The following is based on the cancelled game Generals 2 and has not been confirmed by canon sources.

Pham "Inferno" Quan is a Vietnamese APA general who was to appear in Command & Conquer (Generals 2). He specializes in pyrotechnic weaponry and combat.


Pham Quan has always wanted to watch the world burn; the youngest scion of a prosperous trading family, he spent much of his pampered childhood torn between indulging in conspicuous consumption and discovering new and more creative ways to reduce his numerous toys to ashes. By his teens, Quan had set his sights on bigger targets, leading to an alcohol funded campaign of pyromania across Hanoi that culminated in the very public immolation of a centuries old Taoist temple. Under an assumed name and identity, Quan entered military college, where he showed a genuine aptitude for the battlefield applications of flame. Pham proved to be an effective battlefield leader.



Base defenses[]

Support powers[]


My friend built that tank just for us. Then, I burnt him.
Those men will burn before they surrender!
We all become ashes, sooner or later. I'm just speeding up the process.
Those weren't strong enough!
It's dry out here! What can we burn first? Hehehehe...
I don't hear any sirens. Quick, let's start a fire!


  • Pham's nickname 'Inferno' is Italian for 'Hell', which is usually depicted in media as perpetually set on fire. Inferno can also refer to a conflagration, a great and destructive firestorm.
  • His nationality and specialty are at odds with each other, seeing that Vietnam, his home country, has seen the terror of American incendiary weapons during the Vietnam War.


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