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The phase field is a Scrin support power.


The phase field partially shifts affected units into another dimension, greatly reducing their vulnerability to attacks.[1] The Scrin phase generators apparently work on the same principle and can be used to render Thresholds completely invulnerable to harm.[2]

Game effect[]

The phase field could temporarily render any friendly vehicle nearly indestructible by means of putting them out of sync with the physical world, although it also prevented the vehicle from attacking. The affected unit was still vulnerable to EMP or being crushed by a larger vehicle.

Offensively, Phased units are still able to crush enemies, which makes using Phase Field surprisingly a good counter against massed infantry if used on Gun/Shard Walkers, the cheapest and fastest option for such a tactic.

Defensively, Phase Field can save important slow vehicles like Annihilator/Reaper Tripods and the Eradicator. Harvesters can also be saved this way, though Phase Field can also be used on them to harvest Tiberium with little to no risk, especially in areas far from friendly bases.

Note that despite the tooltip, Phase Field only increases the health of the affected unit significantly by 1000%, which means focused fire can still damage the affected units.

Role in Global Conquest[]

Phase Field exists a support power in the global map, though it requires a Threshold Tower Strategic Structure before it can be used in the globe. Also, it has a stronger effect than the typical Phase Field, as it is able to affect entire Strike Forces and bases, including enemies.


  • Tiberium Wars patch 1.01: engineer-type units can no longer capture structures when under the effects of the phase field
  • Kane's Wrath (released version 1.00): icon changed to that used in the Global Conquest mode


See also[]

  • Phase generator, a vital Scrin building that employed the same technology to protect the Threshold Towers from harm.
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