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AF Gameicon.png
RAR Phase Transport Cameo.png
Phase Transport
Internal name STNK
Affiliation RAR Allies Logo.png Allied Forces
Role Stealth transport
Armament SSM/SAM launcher
Hit points 200
Armor type Heavy
Transport slots 1 infantry unit
Cost $800
Produced by Allied war factory
Requires Allied tech center
Ground attack 75 (AP)
Cooldown 80
Speed 10
Attack range 5
Sight range 5

The Phase transport was an Allied stealth vehicle based on the APC, seen in The Aftermath expansion.


It can bend light in the visible part of the spectrum around it, rendering it effectively invisible to the naked eye. While its passenger capacity is greatly reduced it was armed with a missile turret.

AF Gameicon.png The following is based on the missions of The Aftermath and might contradict canon.

Development of the phase transport was discovered by a Soviet spy and Stalin took an interest. Volkov and Chitzkoi stole the prototype and the plans before destroying its production facility. To test the vehicle, it was used to transport Volkov into an Allied control area and disable enemy communications. This cleared the way for reinforcements to complete the elimination of Allied forces in the area.

Game unit

The phase transport may carry 1 infantry unit. It will decloak when firing or if it passes too close to enemy infantry or defense structures. Though the ingame vehicle has a blocky rocket launcher, its icon in the build menu shows it with twin launchers on the sides instead.

If the unit is buildable (after editing aftrmath.ini), a group of these can level a structure in seconds. It is lightly armoured and vulnerable to defenses, as well as groups of infantry and tanks. It should also be noted that the Allied field mechanic cannot repair the phase transport while it is cloaked. In order to get the phase transport repaired, order it to force-fire on some empty terrain which will cause it to decloak and allow the mechanic to repair it.




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  • The Phase transport is very similar to the Norwegian NM142, an anti-tank vehicle also based on the M113 APC and having a TOW2 missile turret on top of the vehicle.

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