Phoenix Base
GDI Orca Dropships landing at Phoenix with reinforcements
GDI Orca Dropships landing at Phoenix with reinforcements

South-east Arizona, USA


North America


Partial Tiberium contamination


GDI outpost



Appears in

Tiberian Sun


Reinforce Phoenix Base

Phoenix Base is a GDI outpost located in south-eastern Arizona. It was immediately attacked by the Nod forces under Kane and Vega's leadership shortly after Kane's return.

Related events

At the beginning of the Second Tiberium War it was besieged during the opening Nod offensive. General Vega's forces attacked from Texas and neutralized surprised local GDI forces. The base's Tiberium refinery and barracks were destroyed, but the construction yard remained operational. Base Commander Tao urgently requested reinforcements before being captured and killed by General Vega. Only one lone trooper survived when reinforcements arrived on scene.

General James Solomon dispatched Commander Michael McNeil to relieve Phoenix. Drop pod infantry and Wolverines deployed by dropship repelled the immediate threat. The Nod presence in the area was subsequently removed.


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