Photon cannon

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Photon cannon

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Internal name AlienPhotonCannon
Affiliation CNCKW Scrin logo.png Scrin
CNCKW Reaper-17 logo.png Reaper-17
CNCKW Traveler-59 Logo.png Traveler-59
Role Anti-armour base defense
Armament Plasma discs
Tiberium shards (upgrade)
Tier 1
Hit points 4000
Armor type Medium (75% Cannon, 50% Rocket, 100% Grenade, 25% Gun, 1% Sniper)
Cost $1200
Build time 0:12
Produced by Drone platform
Requires Portal
Ground attack 700 (2100 when upgrade) (Cannon) with 50% scalar against infantry, 200% scalar against civilian buildings
Cooldown 3.9 seconds (3.4 seconds when upgrade)
Attack range 350
Upgrades CNCKW Shard Launchers Cameo.png Shard launchers
Power -8
Abilities Detects stealth
Splash radius: 5
50% vs infantry, 200% vs civilian buildings

The photon cannon is a Scrin heavy anti-armour base defense, rivalling GDI Guardian cannons and Nod laser turrets. Despite their name, they appear to use plasma discs as a main weapon. They can be upgraded with Tiberium shard launchers, increasing their damage per second output by nearly 140%.

They cannot target aircraft, relying on Plasma Missile Batteries for that purpose. They are often paired with Buzzer Hives as well, to cover their weakness to infantry.


CNCKW Shard Launchers Cameo.png
Shard launcher While the plasma disks on a Photon Cannon are fairly lethal to vehicles, upgrading them to fast-moving Shard Launchers provides a potent increase in damage (Ctrl+S). Purchasable at any Technology Assembler for $2500 and taakes 1:15 to research.

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