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American forces are coming! Get ready!
- Rebel learns of the American forces coming to suspend GLA forces in Almaty.

Operation: Pillage the Village is the second mission in the GLA campaign of Command & Conquer: Generals.


My leader, our agents had learned that the United Nations trucks and planes are arriving in the Almaty region with food and supplies.
On behalf of the oppressed nations of the world, the GLA should intercept those deliveries. We might use them for our most righteous cause.

- Kanwar Khan, mission briefing

In the wake of Black Rain against the "Eastern Dragon", the Global Liberation Army found itself short of funds to launch its next mission. When new intelligence suggested the arrival of UN convoys carrying food and supplies in the villages outside of Almaty, Kazakhstan, a GLA raiding force was sent on an unorthodox fundraising mission. The group would raid the convoys and take what they saw as rightfully theirs.

Key units[]


The fool Americans think their supply air drops will keep them from taking what is rightfully ours. Use this, the Quad Cannon. To bring down their precious planes.
- Kanwar Khan talks about the new Quad Cannon.

The initial phase of the battle saw GLA troops arriving stealthily to the battlefield. The GLA built a small base in the hills over the city and began intercepting convoys for arms, supplies and money worth $20,000. There were widespread atrocities committed against the civilian population that the GLA claimed to fight for. Villagers receiving UN aid were described with contempt by GLA Rebels as "sheep" greedily and shamelessly waiting for their "handouts". When civilians began hiding the aid in their homes, the GLA Commander was given authorization to loot the city. GLA Marauder Tanks destroyed people's shops and homes mercilessly, taking anything of value from the smoking ruins.

Meanwhile the Americans arrived in the area and set up a support base to the north of the villages. The United Nations - after losing many units to GLA highwaymen, began to recall their troops and handed control of their barracks to the American forces. They also switched to dropping supplies by plane. Now wishing to collect $30,000, the GLA contacted their Arms Dealer who provided them with Quad Cannon half-tracks, which boasted a powerful anti-aircraft gun.

Look at their planes burn! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! (crackled radio)
- Quad Cannon, after shooting down a C-130.

The Americans attempted to deal with the GLA  by using Crusader Tanks but the Marauders proved to be a match for them, especially when their guns were upgraded with salvaged parts. The support base ended up being reduced to rubble by the GLA tanks.

When the looting began to get too serious, the Americans attempted to construct a base on the hills overlooking the villages. However, the GLA swarmed into the area and destroyed the Dozers and the escorts before the Americans could gain a proper foothold.


As soon as the collection target of $40,000 was reached, the GLA left the area. The Commander was sent to the nation's Chinese-occupied capital, Astana, where GLA sympathizers had started a rebellion to collect $40,000 by destroying the city.


  • If a UN convoy or US plane reaches its destination without being destroyed, it will drop a large number of supply crates. However, these crates combined are worth far less than the crates dropped by detroyed vehicles, and civilians will try to grab them. When this first happens, Kanwar Khan will tell the player to kill the civilians. Subsequently, he will tell the player to destroy civilian buildings to recover supplies.
  • This is the only time in game that the UN forces appear outside of cutscenes. It is also the only appearance of the UN soldiers. To see them, simply collect up to $20,000 in funds, then send your forces quickly into a small UN-US base at the north of the map, where they can be seen getting into Humvees. If the Humvees are destroyed, the UN soldiers will survive and attack the player's forces.
    • Notably, the barracks in that base is originally owned by the UN forces (in their light blue color scheme) before being handed to the American forces (which uses their blue color scheme).
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