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For other uses, see Pillbox.
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Internal name PBOX
Affiliation RAR Allies Logo.png Allied Forces
Role Anti-infantry base defense
Armament Machine gun
Tier 1
Tech level 1
Hit points 400
Cost $400
Produced by Construction yard
Requires Allied barracks
Ground attack 40 (SA warhead)
Cooldown 40 frames
Attack range 5
Sight range 5
Power -15

The Pillbox was a basic defence employed by the Allies during Second World War.


A small bunker from which a soldier fired a mounted machine gun. It was used to prevent Soviet infantry advances. It's shell-like design gave the operators shelter from fragments thrown by the explosions of Soviet tank-shells and grenades. The pillboxes could also come in a camouflaged variation.

It was upgraded during the Third World War.


It is perfect for taking out infantry, but not very effective against heavy vehicles, meaning Soviet tanks could easily overwhelm Pill Boxes. Aircraft and long range weapons could also quickly destroy it with impunity. However, formations of Pillboxes used in conjunction with turrets and vehicles is a formidable and cost effective solution.

Behind the scenes

It bears a strong resemblance to the British Type 22 pillbox.

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