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The Planetary Assault Carrier (often abbreviated as PAC in the community) is a powerful Scrin aircraft witnessed during the Third Tiberium War.


The heart of most direct actions by the Scrin is a heavy floating starship known as the Planetary Assault Carrier. The carrier contains a complement of Invader-class fighters that are particularly vicious when swarming ground targets, but even more effective when the Carrier stops to generate an ion storm around the outside of its hull.[1]

Game unit[]

The menacing Planetary Assault Carriers are often the spearheads of a Scrin aerial assault, contributing swarms of Invader Fighters to any battle. The ability to generate Ion Storms and detect stealth units makes them even more valuable in any war fleet. Each Planetary Assault Carrier comes with 8 Invader fighters that can be deployed to destroy targets. Planetary Assault Carriers regenerate lost fighters slowly over time.

The Planetary Assault Carrier is buffed upon entering an ion storm, increasing damage by 25% damage, reducing damage taken by 25%, and healing 5% of its total hit points per second. This effect is lost shortly after it leaves the storm.




  • Tiberium Wars patch 1.05: now generates an ion storm more quickly. Scrin aircraft now receive a 25% bonus to attack power in addition to a 25% bonus to armour while in an ion storm.
  • Kane's Wrath patch 1.02:
    • damage increased from 45 to 55
    • health of Invader fighters increased 10%



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