Plasma missile battery

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CNCTW Plasma Missile Battery Cameo.png
Plasma missile battery
An unupgraded plasma missile battery
Internal name AlienPlasmaMissileBattery
Affiliation CNCKW Scrin logo.pngScrin
CNCKW Reaper-17 logo.png Reaper-17
CNCKW Traveler-59 Logo.png Traveler-59
Role Anti-air base defense
Armament Plasma missiles
Tiberium shards (upgrade)
Tier 2
Hit points 7000
Armor type Medium (75% Cannon, 50% Rocket, 100% Grenade, 25% Gun, 1% Sniper)
Cost $800
Build time 0:08
Produced by Drone platform
Requires Nerve center
Hotkey F3
Air attack 750 (3750 when upgrade) (Rocket)
Cooldown 1.3 seconds (1 second when upgrade)
Attack range 450
Upgrades CNCKW Shard Launchers Cameo.png Shard launchers
Power -7
Abilities Detects stealth
Splash radius: 15

The Plasma Missile Battery is a Scrin anti-air defensive structure, similar to a SAM site that fires searing hot plasma discs in volleys at enemy aircraft, in a similar manner to Photon Cannons on the ground. They can be upgraded with Tiberium shard launchers, boosting their damage output by 160%. This powerful anti-air defense represents a significant threat to any human aircraft that venture close to it, even the stealthed Nod Vertigo.


CNCKW Shard Launchers Cameo.png
Shard launcher As if energy disks weren't enough to sear through aircraft frames, Shard Launchers allow Plasma Batteries to fire lethal shards of Tiberium at extremely high velocities to penetrate and destroy aerial threats (Ctrl+S). Purchasable at any Technology Assembler for $2500 and takes 1:15 to research.



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