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Point-Defense Drones is an Imperial Top Secret Protocol.

Game effects[]

This ability grants all surface units within the target area a shield projected by three hoverdrones, which can absorb up to 200 points of damage from enemies. The actual area of effect is slightly larger than the outer rim of the cursor symbol. Damage will be indicated by smoke from one or multiple drones. All drones disintegrate simultaneously when maximum damage has been absorbed. If damaged, the shield can be repaired by repair drones.

Transformable units, such as Striker-VX/Chopper-VX, keeps the shield after transformation. However, units that deploy into structures, such as Nanocores, lose their shield once deployed.

Cryobeam will instantly remove all drones even though no damage is done to the host vehicle. S.H.R.I.N.K. beam will not affect the appearance or the function of existing drones. However, activating this protocol on a shrunken vehicle will grant it miniaturized drones. These miniaturized drones will never recover their sizes unlike their host vehicle, and the blue shield will sometimes be invisible, but they will remain fully functional.


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