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The aptly-named Portal is, in simple terms, the Scrin equivalent of the Hand of Nod and GDI Barracks.


Rather than training soldiers for combat, the Portal beams them in from space. It is a large blue sphere, suspended in the air beneath a structure that resembles a giant, warped football goal. The length of time and cost of teleportation varies between different Scrin units, depending on their complexity - simple groups of Buzzers take almost no time at all, while the Mastermind takes considerably longer. Once a Portal has been established planetside, a Stasis Chamber may be warped in to allow access to advanced infantry: Shock Troopers, Ravagers which also require a Nerve Center, and the Mastermind or Prodigy which require a Technology Assembler as well. From the get-go, however, Scrin Foremen are free to call down Buzzers, Disintegrators and Assimilators as funds permit.


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