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Portugal is a country in south-western Europe. It is located near the Atlantic Ocean in the west with Spain in the east.

Red Alert Universe[]

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Spain and Portugal were part of a Soviet mission to capture some control centers before taking a Chronosphere in the process against the Allies. Fighting between the two factions was tense and half of the control centers were captured by the Soviet Commander and his colleague on Stalin's orders to fight harder and capture them. At least half of the control centers were captured by both of them until they tried to reach the Allied Superweapon on a small hill with Pillboxes at the front and walls protecting it. As the two Commanders were about to reach it, the Chronosphere blew up and Stalin was furious with the failure. Instead of executing the Commander due to Nadia Zelenkov's orders, he strangled Georgi Kukov for one control center that was missed in either Spain and Portugal.

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