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Now that we've destroyed Yuri's primary source of funds, the madman has decided to take a more direct approach. Yuri has set up a Nuclear Silo in Seattle and is using it to extort money and technical expertise from the MassiveSoft corporation. We must save the city and MassiveSoft from Yuri's nuclear threat.
- Mission briefing

Operation: Power Play is the third mission of the Allied campaign in Yuri's Revenge.[1]


Attention Allied commander, your unprovoked attack will not go unpunished. Seattle is mine. Pull your forces out of the area, or I will launch a nuclear strike and reduce the city to ash.
- Yuri

After a fabulous mission in Hollywood, the Allies soon learned that Yuri had set up base and was blackmailing the population of Seattle (his main target was the Massivesoft owner, Chairman Bing) into supplying his army with funding and technology (foreshadowing Genetic Mutator). Yuri also hijacked a Soviet Nuclear Missile Silo at his base of operations to back up his blackmail. Not wanting a repeat event like Chicago in the original war, General Carville sent an Allied Commander to the state to attack the enemy compound.

With some Sniper sharpshooters authorized by the British government to play a key role in the Psychic Dominator Disaster against Yuri's Virus snipers, the mission quickly turned into a wrestling match to control the power plants in the area, to stop the missile launch while enabling the Weather Control Device back online. Should the Massivesoft campus be liberated, Chairman Bing immediately provides the commander with a hefty fund in the form of money crates.


With the rescue of Seattle, Yuri's army was forced out of the US West Coast by the Allies. But all was not lost for the would-be psychic conqueror, for he had developed a Genetic Mutator with unwilling help from Massivesoft to add in his arsenal. Furthermore, Yuri decided to accelerate his plans and kidnapped Professor Einstein, and force him to finish the Psychic Dominator in Cairo, Egypt.

Key units[]

RA2 Engineer Cameo RA2 Sniper Cameo RA2 Weather Control Device Icons


You'll start with a Weather Control Device, a War factory, a Barracks, several Power Plants and units including Snipers, Grizzly, GIs, Guardian GIs, IFV and Mirage Tanks, which is pretty good. Bad news is Yuri have most of the area garrisoned, along with a Nuclear Missile Silo and a new unit, Virus, which is like a Sniper with inferior range and have a poison that can infect infantry near it.

Immediately train Engineers to capture the Tech Oil Derricks and train Snipers too. Build as many Grizzly Tanks as you can. Garrison the Space Needle to see the whole map. Once the timer of Weather Control Device becomes 0, target the bioreactors near the Nuclear Missile Silo. It won't stop the Nuke from hitting your base, but it will be the first and the last nuke you'll take. Immediately sell your 2 Power Plants and War Factory when the Nuke countdown becomes 0, for they will be the target of the nuke. Garrison the Gi's near the Tech Oil Derrick to protect them. Repair the remaining structures caught on the nuke.

Proceed by either destroying or capturing a Tech Power Plant near your base under Yuri's control. Put your Snipers in IFVs to fortify them, killing the Yuri Clones and Virus. Use the tanks surrounding the Tech Power Plants to eliminate all the Lasher and Gattling tanks. It is also recommended to have an Engineer IFV to make your tank's life expectancy higher. This will make the timer of the Nuclear Missile stop. Meanwhile, head your engineers to the east to capture a Neutral Tech Power Plant, to make the countdown of the Weather Control Device back online, while Yuri can't use the Nuke Silo anymore. A Machine Shop, to repair your tanks automatically and an Allied War Factory, where you can produce more tanks in case you lose the majority of it. You can also garrison few buildings to protect them from Yuri's attacks.

Afterwards, liberate the Massivesoft Campus by eliminating the units surrounding it. Destroy the tanks using Grizzly and Mirage tanks, while use your Sniper IFV to eliminate the Virus and Clones. You'll get a good cash bonus after liberating it.

Head to the bridge and you will face a few Gattling and Lasher tanks and some Initiates. Overpower them by using your Tanks and Sniper IFVs with Engineer IFVs as a backup. By this time, you can use your Weather Control Device to eliminate few of the defenses surrounding the Nuclear Missile Silo. Your forces can make quick work in the rest of the defenses then rush all your forces to destroy the Nuclear Missile Silo. Mission Accomplished.


  • Yuri's Nuclear Silo cannot be destroyed by single Lightning Storm and there's no time to wait for the superweapon to recharge. So sell Weather Control Device immediately after unleashing its power, along with all other structures, move all units away from estimated impact point of nuclear strike (always be the War Factory's position) ASAP, garrison GIs in civilian structures (especially Space Needle in order to gain full view of the battlefield, as Battle Control System instructs). After first nuke falls, destroy the nearest Tech Civilian Power Plant under Yuri's control to power down Nuclear Silo.
  • There's no need to defend all Tech Civilian Power Plants since it's imperative to prevent Yuri from capturing them to power up Nuclear Silo again. So destroy all power plants immediately by guarding Allied units, then order them to join main force, choose paths carefully to avoid Yuri units running loose among streets.
  • Engineers are essential. Send one to capture Tech Machine Shop, remaining ones enter IFVs for quick field repairs.
  • Though difficult, it is possible to prevent the Nuclear Silo from launching the missile even once. The player would need to use the Weather Control Device to destroy the Bio Reactors and capture or destroy the nearest purple Power Plant.
  • Snipers can do more than gunning down Yuri infantries with impunity. They can shoot Yuri vehicles to lure them into ambushes consisting of Grizzly Tanks and Mirage Tanks.
  • Defend the Oil Derricks as they are the player's only source of money (other than the crates).


  • The company "MassiveSoft" is a spin-off from the real world company "Microsoft".
  • The A03_P02E cutscene has been left unused, in which Yuri warned the Allied commander for an unprovoked attack in Seattle, intended to pull a Nuclear Attack.
  • The existing Superweapons in this mission have a higher power drain than the usual default amount of 200; both Superweapons can drain 710 of power.
  • Both parties cannot use their Superweapons if the Superweapons setting in the Skirmish lobby has been turned off.



Carville sharing Spy Satellite intel
Yuri threatening the commander
Eva after Yuri's nuclear strike at the Allied base
Bing thanking the Allies with a financial donation


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