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The power plant is a vital building that produces power, necessary for the functionality of both GDI and Nod bases.

In-Game building

  • The power plant produces 100 power units, this amount is less than sufficient to run a big base. Meaning that the more buildings you will have, the more power plants you will have to build to maintain full functionality.
  • It is best to build Advanced power plants as they produce a doubled power amount.
  • Power output is directly related to the power plant's condition, so protect them during battles.


This building as previously mentioned produces 100 power units.


Once built it allows the construction of several buildings, assuming that the construction yard is still standing.

Both Factions

Refinery cameo cnc Refinery
TD Advanced Powerplant Icons Advanced Power Plant
Repairfacility cameo cnc Repair facility


TD Barracks Icons Barracks


Handofnod cameo cnc Hand of Nod

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