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The power signature scan is a support power that was developed by the Black Hand following the Firestorm Conflict. Deployed from the Operations Center, it can detect all Power Plants, whether friendly or enemy, across the battlefield.


Though the Black Hand were highly feared by their enemies for their commanders' prowess and ruthlessness in combat, the Black Hand also dealt with other matters for the Brotherhood - one of which being intelligence. To this end, the Power Signature Scan was developed to enable commanders to more easily locate their enemies - as where there is a base, there must be power plants as well. And if the Black Hand knew where an enemy base was, they also knew where to spread the word of Kane next.

Role in the Campaign[]

As GDI Power Plants are usually placed within their bases, discovering the location of enemy power plants often results in the discovery of large portions of GDI bases. The AI LEGION used this ability several times during Kane's return to power and beyond when granted control of Black Hand forces.

Game Effect[]

The Power signature scan is exclusively available to the Black Hand subfaction of Nod, except in a few missions of the campaign.

When used, all power plants on the map glow yellow for a short time, regardless of whether the power plant is hidden by the Fog of War. Even after the effect ends, the power plants remain visible to the commander (albeit only in the state that they were when they were seen last, as if the commander had manually revealed them and left). While this persisting view does offer an advantage, it is also worth noting that should the power plant be destroyed, the commander would not know of it until his units revealed that part of the map - meaning that, if he is not careful, a commander could end up launching an attack on nothing.


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