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Project Camacho
Developer Electronic Arts Los Angeles
Series Generals series
Genre First person tactical shooter
Requirements Windows

Project Camacho is a first person tactical combat game (much like Renegade) that was developed by EALA, cancelled in 2009. It was cancelled by Mike Verdu and Louis Castle in favour of LMNO, which was also cut a year later.


Little is known about the story, but judging from the concept art, it was to be set after the People's Republic of China invades mainland USA successfully, featuring a group of ragtag American survivors of the invasion trying to combat the Chinese occupants by any means necessary. It'd also feature at least three major characters: Josea, Guts and Bud.

The American resistance would have access to M1 Abrams tanks and M2 Bradley IFVs, though they'd be in disrepair and showing signs of wear and tear, in addition to being covered with graffiti and war markings. One of the visitable locations would include a Chinese POW camp.

Concept art and renders

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Project Camacho