Project Lazarus

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Project Lazarus is the organisation formed with the Firestorm Taskforce, lead by General Cortez. A GDI Commander was sent from this organisation to deal with Nod and an enemy called CABAL. The project was formed several months ago which led to the Firestorm Crisis in 2031.

Firestorm Allies

The project, led by Cortez convinced the Firestorm Taskforce to join the organisation in defeating Kane and his Nod insurgents, but a turning point is made when CABAL is forced to declare war on Nod forces and GDI military commanders. A GDI Commander was sent from Project Lazarus to defeat the enemies on Earth. Slavik's Inner Circle, who were killed in the 2031 crisis has began to understand that GDI squads must be defeated with CABAL to win the whole war. The Commander was sent on his first mission by Cortez.

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