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For the structure of the same name in the Kane's Wrath Global Conquest mode, see Propaganda center (Kane's Wrath).

The Propaganda Center is a high-tier tech building of China during the War against the GLA.


This building allows Chinese generals to access the most advanced Chinese weapons and tactics in the field. Its primary role is akin with Battle Lab or Tech center. A commander requires a Propaganda Center in his base of operations to access the Nuclear Missile Silo, Overlord Tank and a number of other units.


Gen1 Land Mine Icons.png Land Mines Create mines around the Propaganda center and harm enemy that pass through. Available for all Chinese buildings except Speaker Towers for a cost of $600.
ZH Neutron Mines Icons.png Neutron Mine Upgrades the mines to the neutron mines around the Propaganda center and harm infantry that pass through. Kill vehicles and tanks crew when pass through. Available for all Chinese buildings except Speaker Towers for a cost of $500. Requires Land mine to be installed..

Game building

A relatively fragile building, the Propaganda Center requires protection at all times. Although a Speaker Tower is included in the structure, it isn't used.

Upgrades available

Icon Upgrade Description
Gen1 Subliminal Messaging Icons.png Subliminal messaging Improved the broadcasts of Speaker Towers, inspiring Chinese forces to repair their own units faster when in range of one
Gen1 Nationalism Icon.jpg Nationalism
  • Propaganda-laced training for Chinese forces that meant that certain units, when massed, swelled with national pride
  • This tended to boost their confidence and their fighting prowess
Gen1 Nationalism Icon.jpg Patriotism
  • General Shin Fai's forces were already trained to be nationalistic and with this upgrade they could be further filled with Patriotism
  • Available in the place of the Nationalism upgrade
  • Shin Fai only
ZH Isotope Stability Icons.jpg Isotope stability
ZH Autoloader Icons.jpg Autoloader
  • This upgrade equipped Kwai's Battlemasters with autoloaders, enabling them to fire 3 shells in quick succession before reloading
  • Ta Hun Kwai only


  • On the left side of the Propaganda Center, there is a yellow sign, which has the Chinese words "提防偷鞋" (Beware of thieves stealing shoes) written on it. This is very strange and awkward considering that a place where highly classified military information is stored can be infiltrated by regular thieves who steal shoes.
    • This can also be an in-game joke targeted against GLA workers, who are known to always ask for shoes.
  • Despite having a garage of sorts, no vehicles can be trained at the propaganda centers.

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