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For the structure of the same name in the Generals universe, see Propaganda center (Generals 1).

Disruption generator is a Nod strategic structure only available in Global Conquest mode.

Support powers

Icon Support Power Cost Cooldown Function
CNCKW Rouse Militants Cameo.png
Rouse Militants $1000 2 turns Deploys a strike force comprised of 4 Awakened, 4 Enlightened, 3 Shadow teams, 4 Tiberium trooper squads, and 2 fanatic squads (a Vanguard group) in the selected location within Nod's area of influence.
CNCKW Rouse Insurrection Cameo.png
Rouse Insurrection $1000 2 turns Increases the Unrest level in a target city by 1.
CNCKW Fury of Nod Cameo.png
Fury of Nod $1000 3 turns Increases the Unrest level in multiple cities in a large area, but has a weaker effect than the Rouse Insurrection support power. In addition, it damages enemy strike forces in that area. The power costs $1000 and has a 3-turn cooldown.


  • Despite the name, icon and information, the Rouse Militants support power actually spawns Marked of Kane infantry instead of default Nod infantry. Even more surprising, the composition of the strike force, named "Vanguard Group", is very similar to the other Marked of Kane-related support power (specifically, the 2 beam cannons are replaced by 2 fanatic squads)
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