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TS Nod logo transparent The following is based on the Nod campaign of Tiberian Sun and might contradict canon.

Protect Waste Convoys is one of the choices for the ninth Nod mission of Tiberian Sun. An alternate choice to the Reestablish Nod Presence mission, it nevertheless has the same goal of eliminating the GDI base with chemical missiles.

CABAL briefing[]

The road through this sector is a vital supply link. If a foothold is firmly established and a Tiberium Waste Facility is built, Nod chemical missiles can be launched from the region. The GDI base in the area has no defense against the missiles, and can be destroyed at your leisure once the waste convoys start arriving.

  • Objective One: Establish a base and build a Tiberium Waste Facility.
  • Objective Two: Destroy the GDI base.



(The northern mission)

Despite Kane being most disappointed that his most trusted followers Slavik and Oxanna had gotten themselves captured after falling into the GDI trap that was the research facility; he decided to give them a second chance following their escape from the GDI prison camp in Norway.

Kane had new Tiberium-based chemical missiles to deploy against the GDI in Europe but he needed to establish a suitable center for their manufacture and deployment. The optimal location for this would of course be Central Europe, and Denmark and Germany both were up for grabs.


The Convoys[]

The GDI base was indeed powerful, they had even deployed some of their new Disruptor tanks there. But such was the importance of the battle that the Nod forces had been outfitted with advanced weaponry of their own, such as the advanced stealth tank, the Devil's Tongue and the dreaded Obelisk of Light.

As long as Slavik could defend his base against Orcas and Disruptors, establishing the Tiberium Waste Facility would not be the main problem as long as he could gather some of the nearby Tiberium; but he would also have to secure control of the trail in order to facilitate the passage of the Weed Eaters.

Constructing Tiberium missile[]

Slavik was able to first establish and then defend his base in the area against whatever attempts of the GDI made to destroy it using their latest advanced weapons. He was eventually able to establish his Missile Silo and Tiberium Waste Facility as they had planned.

At this point the Weed Eaters were dispatched to deliver the Tiberium waste to the facility for processing. Nod forces were now forced to go on the offensive in order to clear the trail and eliminate the GDI forces and outposts that were attempting to control the trail, in order to enable at least some Weed Eaters to reach the facility.

But owing to the leadership skill of Slavik, the trail was successfully cleared of GDI forces and at least some Weed Eaters got through successfully. Eventually, the Tiberium Waste Facility had enough Tiberium waste to complete their first chemical missile warhead.

Destroying the GDI base[]

With the trail secure and the first missile completed it was now time for the GDI base to be eliminated. There were essentially two ways Nod could had achieved this task.

Firstly he could have used the new chemical missiles to destroy key buildings or defenses in order to weaken the base so that it could have been more easily destroyed in a more or less conventional assault.

Secondly however he could used a stealth tank to scout out the base to discover the location of a group of GDI infantry within the base. Had these infantry come into contact with the gas cloud some of them may have transformed into baby visceroids which would eventually have become adult visceroids and wrecked havoc on the GDI base, along with whatever Nod forces or danish civilians they might happen to come across. It was this strategy that CABAL likely referred to when he spoke of 'infecting' the GDI base.

The first approach would have likely been more costly to Nod forces but would have minimised the potential damage caused to the local civilian population in the area by the uncontrollable adult visceroids as well as the environmental fallout. The second approach would have been relatively cheap, as long as the unpredictable visceroids did not turn against Nod before they could be terminated. Additionally the second strategy would have required considerable time, luck and patience to carry out.

But however it was achieved, Slavik was able to utterly eradicate the GDI base and take control of Jutland for Nod.


Nod10-Denmark Path

With Tiberium missiles wrecking havoc on the GDI, Nod invades Britain.

With the fall of the GDI base Denmark was swiftly conquered by Nod, giving Nod control of the Baltics.

Soon, GDI forces all over Europe would come under relentless assault from these new weapons. Only Hammerfest, protected by its firestorm barriers, was safe from the rain of Tiberium death. In particular, Nod forces were to make rapid gains in Poland and Norway; overturning GDI military zones and overthrowing the GDI supporting governments in Oslo and Warsaw.

These Nod gains would not come without a high cost to civilians however. The new missiles, even if they had not been used directly against civilian areas created clouds of deadly Tiberium gas which often floated into them causing mass death. Additionally such clouds when they came into contact with human or animal life often created deadly Tiberium lifeforms such as the visceroid that would often indiscriminately attack military and civilian targets alike; not to mention their livestock and the local wildlife.

But the GDI were presently engaged in the development of a powerful new weapon of their own that might still turn the tide in their favor. The Mammoth Mk. II prototype was being developed in England and was hoped to more than replace the role once held by the obsolete Mammoth Mk. I battle tank; now only used by the Forgotten.

Upon learning of this, Kane set Nod to a mammoth task of it's own; the invasion of Britain and the termination of the project before it was too late.


  • In this mission, the 'chemical attack' suggested by CABAL may not be as effective as one may think for two reasons. Firstly, due to the absence of Tiberium vein locally on the map, the supply of chemical waste is entirely dependent on the convoy (only one truck at a time), which will have to cross the map diagonally to complete its delivery, wasting much time. Secondly, even if the the chemical missile is filled and successfully launched toward the enemy base, oddly enough, the adult visceroids created in the process may be docile toward the GDI.



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