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Our latest technology, the Chronosphere, is housed in this research station. The timer represents the appointed time for the completion of a vital experiment. The Soviets have learned of this and are moving in. Protect the Chronosphere and the Advanced-Tech research center. Make sure the base is fully powered at the appointed time. If not, all will be lost!
- Mission briefing

Protect the Chronosphere is the eighth Allied campaign mission of Command & Conquer: Red Alert. The mission involves protecting the Chronosphere and tech center until a timer ends. There are two optional locations where the scientists would conduct their research, which according to Gunther von Esling, takes place "outside Liech" (Liechtenstein).[1]


Field Marshal von Esling called Field Commander A9 back to Allied HQ to show him the Allies' latest piece of technology - the Chronosphere. Most of the Allied research was being conducted in an Allied Tech Center outside Liechtenstein but the Soviets had learnt of its location. Von Esling charged the commander to protect both the tech center and the Chronosphere until the latter becomes fully operational for a vital experiment.


You have to survive for 45 minutes. Although a base is already constructed, it is without a Construction Yard. A Mobile construction vehicle with a complement of tanks and Anti-tank minelayers are available but will have to take a considerably long route blocked by Soviet tanks in order to reach the base. It is strongly recommended that the MCV be deployed within the walls of the base as it would be considerably easier to defend the base and the Construction Yard together. The Chronosphere will be strafed by Yak fighters while the Advanced power plants will be damaged/destroyed by Badger bombers, causing Anti-aircraft guns to go offline as a result of low power. The gap generators shrouding the Chronosphere and Tech Center are completely useless as the artificial intelligence (AI) will still attack whatever unit or structure is in it anyway. They're as good as being sold for credits and power saving - which the base must be powered in order for the mission to be successful. Beware of the mammoth tanks that will destroy the turrets and the Allies' strongest tanks.

A Soviet base also exists, and they will receive dozens of armored reinforcements which immediately attack. The base is dormant but will become live once the MCV is deployed or there is 20 minutes left on the timer; and is completely optional to destroy that base, but defending the Chronosphere and Tech Center is priority. With the starting force it is highly possible to destroy the base before it goes live. As long as you destroy the construction yard, barracks, airfields, and war factory, it'll just be a shell that can be ignored for the rest of the mission. Place mines near paths and along the shoreline to prevent enemy reinforcements from getting stronger or landing.

The mission fails if either the Chronosphere or Allied Tech Center is destroyed, or the base isn't at full power when the time expires.


  • The original game featured an island with a damaged Technology Center or Radar Dome, depending on the variant selected. Repairing this building with an Engineer had no effect. In later patches of the game’s Remastered version, some Longbow helicopters (renamed to be called Attack Helicopters) will arrive on the battlefield and strike targets for the player until they run out of ammunition and then fly off the map. It is likely these damaged buildings were intended to give the player a bonus of some kind but was left unimplemented for some reason when the game was originally developed.
  • Strangely, the right map variant offers the GPS support power, but the left map variant does not.
  • The research center the player is supposed to protect is depicted in the briefing as a Soviet Tech Center and not an Allied one.




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