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CS Gameicon.png The following is based on the missions of Counterstrike and might contradict canon.

Proving Grounds is the first Counterstrike mission during the non-canonical Soviet campaign.[1]


Information on our new Advanced Tactical Submarine was leaked to the Allies, and they have invaded our territory, determined to stop us.

You must stop them. Regain control of our bases as they are revealed by the signal flares. Do not let any Allied attacks stop you.

We have received word that a detachment of cruisers is on its way here. Once you recover the sub pen, use the new ATS to prevent the cruisers from destroying our operation.


Having learned of the Soviets' new Advanced Tactical Submarine, which is capable of launching atomic torpedoes, the Allies have dispatched a strike force of Cruisers and ground troops to eliminate the Soviet facility. The Soviet commander was tasked with repelling the Allied invasion and utilizing the immense power of the ATS to sink the approaching fleet.


The Allied incursion was thwarted as their Cruisers were consumed by nuclear fire. The ATS project was protected and the Soviets retained their ability to build atomic submarines.


During the mission, the player will be ordered to move through a series of waypoints designated by flares. Speed is important factor when completing this mission. At the start, the player has control of an Iron Curtain and two Mammoth Tanks.

Order the Mammoth Tanks to head to the first waypoint A northeast. Allied resistance along the way should be light, but do not get focused on the Light Tank and two Artillery units unloaded by the first Transport to the south, as soon after another Transport will arrive to drop Tanya off on the eastern coast. If she is able to reach and destroy the Ore Refineries to the north, you will have no chance of completing the mission.

Send the Mammoths north and cut Tanya off before she destroys all of the Refineries, then start the three Ore Miners. Move the Mammoths to the northern waypoint B to secure the War Factory, where you will be able to construct Heavy Tanks or more Mammoths. For the waypoint C to the northwest, the passage is blocked by a column of Allied tanks. Use the Iron Curtain on one of your Mammoths and send them to destroy the tanks. At waypoint C, destroy the Airfields and the Naval Yard. Then consolidate your forces and send them south to the final waypoint D, where you will be given control of the Soviet Construction Yard.

By then, the Allies will be sending in Destroyers and Cruisers to attack your position. Immediately build several Submarines, which are actually the nuclear-armed Advanced Tactical Submarines mentioned in the briefing, as well as continuing to pump out more Soviet armor. Eliminate the Allied navy as quickly as possible, then eliminate the Allied units on the mainland to complete the mission.



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