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Yuriko's Psionic Shield

In Yuriko's perspective of the Uprising, Yuriko gains special and lethal Psionic Talents, powers that make her her even more deadly than she was before. They are as follows:


Psychic Burst[]

Unleashes a torrent of psychic energy that kills all infantry units in a large radius and damages mechanical targets. Similar to Yuriko's Psionic Burst in RA3.

Psychic Domination[]

Once I mastered the psychic domination talent, everybody in this facility started being much nicer to me.

Takes over the minds of infantry, including Rocket Angels, and turns them to her side. However, in Phase 3: Ruin and Reunion, the Psychic Inhibitors will cause the infantry to turn against her (only if she enters the radius of the Inhibitor's effect).

Psionic Shield[]

This is test data from my psionic shield training. If they didn't expect I could reflect live ammunition back at them, they shouldn't have shot at me.

Deflects all attacks on Yuriko back at the offending unit(s). However, it can only maintain itself for a short time, and will disappear eventually. This is particular effective against Shinobi, because the shuriken that are deflected back will kill them instantly.

Psionic Slam[]

They've trained me to move heavy objects with my mind. There are dozens of accident reports blamed on my so-called psionic slam.

Picks up objects like tables, boxes, or her enemies, and throw them around (which usually results in death). You can make vehicles smash into each other and destroy them. You can also throw infantry at opposing forces, even ones under your control. Experiment with all the possibilities. Note: Steel Ronins and King Onis are far too heavy to lift with this Talent. However, you can still use other enemies present to throw at them.

Yuriko can upgrade these powers as her journey progresses.

Commander's note: The "Psychic Domination" talent could be a nod to the Psychic Dominator of the Psychic Dominator Disaster era.



This skill increased maximum health of Yuriko.


This skill increased the damage of Yuriko. Can be removed. The higher the class, the damage is increased.


This skill reduces the travel time of Yuriko.