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It seems they've invested in Psychic Inhibitors this time around to try and dampen my psionic talents. We'll see how that goes for them.
- Yuriko Omega

The Psychic Inhibitor was a device developed and used by Shiro Sanitarium. It was designed specifically to suppress Yuriko Omega's psionic abilities after her first attempted escape from the Shiro Sanitarium.


When Yuriko Omega first attempted to escape Shiro Sanitarium, she caused billions of yen worth of collateral damage and slaughtered countless security personnel before she was finally subdued by a squadron of Rocket Angels. In order to prevent any further escape attempts, the Psychic Inhibitor was developed, specifically designed to counteract Yuriko's Psionic Talents. This device projects a suppression field around itself, and when Yuriko enters this area, all of her psionic abilities except basic telekinesis are unusable, and any mind-controlled thralls are immediately freed.

When Yuriko returned to Shiro Sanitarium in order to free Izumi and exact vengeance on Dr. Shimada, these Inhibitors were placed at strategic locations (often heavily defended by Imperial forces) within the sanitarium in an attempt to stop her. However, all of these devices were ultimately destroyed by Yuriko.

It is implied that the Psychic Inhibitor is based on Yuriko's DNA, hence the double helix shape of the device.

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