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The psychic tower is an advanced static base defence structure of Yuri's Army in Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2 - Yuri's Revenge, which is capable of mind-controlling up to 3 ground units.

Official description[]

The Psychic Tower automatically mind controls the first several units that come within range of it, turning them against their former friends. These units are fully controllable and can be sent into battle or to the Grinder. Once it controls its maximum number of units, the Psychic Tower is otherwise defenceless against assaults.
- Red Alert 2: Yuri's Revenge manual(src)


The psychic tower was a tall rod with the primary psychic antenna on the top of the central spire. Around the central spire rotated several psychic matrices, which could automatically capture the minds of units that entered the range of the tower. However, whenever a unit was captured, one of the matrices had to be devoted to maintaining control of that unit. As such, the psychic tower could only control three units at a time. Furthermore, the psychic tower suffered the same inhibitions as other psychics: it could not control other psychics, miners, enemy commandos, attack dogs, robot tanks, aircraft, or already mind-controlled units.

Game structure[]

The psychic tower is the only advanced base defence structure in the game which does not directly deal damage. Instead, it relies on the firepower of the units it controls.

When the three mind control slots have been used up, the psychic tower is incapable of controlling more units until at least one of them is destroyed or sent to a grinder. If the psychic tower is powered down, all controlled units are released.

Artillery units outrange the psychic tower, and it is helpless against aircraft.


  • Due to developer oversight, Psychic Towers can be used to expand bases like regular, non-defensive structures.
  • In pre-release versions of Yuri's Revenge, psychic towers had differently coloured tubes. The damaged snow sprite was not updated to the final design.



English French German Korean Chinese
YR Psychic Tower Icons CNCRA2YR Psychic Tower French Cameo CNCRA2YR Psychic Tower German Cameo CNCRA2YR Psychic Tower Korean Cameo CNCRA2YR Psychic Tower Chinese Cameo

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