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Should she find herself overwhelmed, she can send her foes flying with the Psychokinetic Burst special ability.
- Yuriko unit profile
RA3 Psychokinetic Burst Icons
RA3U Psychokinetic Burst Icons

Psychokinetic Burst is the special ability of Yuriko Omega, the Empire of the Rising Sun's psionic commando. When activated, Yuriko unleashes a powerful wave of raw psionic energy, the force of which instantly kills every enemy infantry unit around her. However, enemy vehicles are unaffected.

Since Yuriko can only attack one unit at a time, this ability is extremely useful at preventing her from being overwhelmed by hordes of infantry. However, since the Psychokinetic burst is useless against vehicles, she can still be overwhelmed by anti-infantry vehicles.

In the Yuriko Campaign of Red Alert 3: Uprising, the Psychokinetic burst temporarily stuns enemy vehicles when used, hinting that the original Yuriko has greater mastery over this ability than her clones.