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Purifying flame was an upgrade exclusively available for the Black Hand sub-faction of Nod.


As the fervor of Marcion’s troops hit a fever pitch, the impassioned Black Hand scientists sought a way to bring the white-hot fanaticism to the battlefield in a very real and visible manner. Using a proprietary Tiberium-carbon blend, the flame weapons of Black Hand units can achieve a massive increase in temperature on combustion, significantly increasing the damage done. The resulting flame can burn through both units and structures in a flash of spectacular blue.[1]

Purchasing this upgrade replaces the fuel tanks of Black Hand troopers and flame tanks with black tanks containing a blue liquid. Though Purifiers are also affected, their appearance do not change.

Game effect[]

Purchasing the upgrade from the Secret shrine for 3000 credits greatly increases the damage done by all flame weapons, which includes those of the Black Hands, flame tanks, and Purifiers. The Redeemer's Black Hand hardpoints are unaffected.

It is a natural complementary upgrade to Black Disciple, since when they are combined, Confessor cabals and militant rocket squads will be capable of dealing fire damage. Purifiers will also be affected, making them powerful shock units against even the most heavily defended bases, as they have the armour to withstand the fire from defensive structures while closing the distance and the anti-structure capability to then easily destroy them once the flamethrower comes within range.

The flame instantly decimates infantry squads, and destroys vehicles and structures much more quickly, to the point of being effective against heavily armoured vehicles like tanks. A single Purifier equipped with the upgrade can destroy the entire enemy base while walking in aggressive stance. The upgrade makes all units affected incredibly dangerous to all ground units, and makes any large scale infantry rush of Confessor cabals and rocket militia upgraded with Black Disciples a very effective tactic.


  • Kane's Wrath patch 1.01:
    • cost increased 33%
    • research time doubled
    • damage bonus to flame tank increased 116%
    • damage bonus to Purifier decreased 75%


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