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Purifying flame
Purifying flame
The white and blue trademark color of a carbon-Tiberium based flame

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Secret Shrine

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Increase Black Hand flamethrowers damage.

Fire is purity!
- Purifier
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Purifying Flame is a flame-weapon upgrade that is exclusively available for the Black Hand sub-faction of Nod.


Capitalizing on their use of flame weaponry, Nod scientists developed a new Tiberium-carbon blend that drastically increases the damage done by flame-based weapons. The color of the flame also changes from red to bright blue, indicating that heat has been increased dramatically.



Flame tanks employing the purifying flame

Purchasing the upgrade from the Secret Shrine for 3000 credits greatly increases the damage done by all flame weapons, which includes those of the Black Hand flame trooper, flame tanks, and Purifiers. All ground units and structures will receive massive fire damage; even vehicles as heavy as the MARV will be noticeably damaged. It is a natural complementary upgrade to Black Disciples, since when they are combined, Confessor Cabals and Militant Rocket Squads will be capable of dealing fire damage. Purifiers will also be affected, making them powerful shock units against even the most heavily defended bases, as they have the armor to withstand the fire from defensive structures while closing the distance and the anti-structure capability to then easily destroy them once the flamethrower comes within range.

The flame instantly decimates infantry squads, and destroys vehicles and structures much more quickly, to the point of being effective against heavily armored vehicles like tanks. A single Purifier equipped with the upgrade can destroy the entire enemy base while walking in Aggressive Stance. The upgrade makes all units affected incredibly dangerous to all ground units, and makes any large scale infantry rush of Confessor Cabals and Rocket Militia upgraded with Black Disciples a very effective tactic.

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