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The Radar is a detection system used by GDI and Nod, and later by CABAL in Tiberian Sun and Firestorm.


A radar installation allows commanders to view the battlefield and the relative locations of friendly and enemy units. In order for the radar view to remain active, the radar installation must remain powered[1]. Due to ion particle interference, radars will cease to function during ion storms[2].

In GDI bases equipped with EVA units, they are usually housed in the base's radar facility[3].


  • The GDI radar station was originally supposed to have two upgrade slots and the name communications tower. The idea was forwarded to the separate upgrade center, but the residual SHP sprite still exists in Tiberian Sun and Red Alert 2 files.
  • On some single-player missions, capturing a particular enemy radar structure will reveal some or all of the shroud for the player. Examples of this include Capture Hammerfest Base, Recover the Tacitus and In the Box.



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