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The Mobile Radar Jammer is a utility vehicle used by both sides involved in the Second World War.


Based on a purpose-built half-track chassis, it can jam the enemy radar using a white-noise generator. In order to do this, the vehicle has to come into the vicinity of the enemy structures.


Red Alert Universe

The role of disabling the enemy's radar was passed on to the Allies' Spy during the Third World War and its second iteration. The Soviets decommissioned the vehicle entirely during this period.

Tiberium Universe

As more sophisticated radar and communications technologies were developed in the decades following GWWII, the Mobile Radar Jammer became obsolete and was withdrawn from service. Despite this, its versatile chassis was seen as having potential for new roles, and was repurposed as the Mobile Headquarters by stripping out all the old jamming equipment and installing the necessary battlefield computers and networking hardware. These Mobile HQ units were used by both GDI and Nod during the First Tiberium War.


The vehicle is basically a treaded armored vehicle who house a portable radar jammer. The basis of the vehicle is unknown, but it is built upon some kind of half-track chassis. The jamming equipment jams radar screen by creating a large "fog of war" around the vehicle. It only affects radar screens, as the actual vehicle is virtually unarmed and can still be observed with the naked eye. The vehicle did not seem very popular, since most commanders chose the Mobile gap generator instead, which has better covering value, regardless of the expense and the tier required. As such, the vehicle was clearly out of phase after the war.

Relations with the Tesla Tank

During the Legacy Of Tesla mission in the expansion Counterstrike, this vehicle was used as the basis for Tesla Tanks. In that particular mission, the player is given six of them to start with, can not actually build any, as the tanks are still experimental. They were succeeded by the newer Tesla Tanks in the Aftermath expansion. There is a glitch which allowed the radar jammer to keep the Tesla weapon after the mission Legacy Of Tesla has been aborted and a skirmish game is started. For this glitch to work, the Aftermath expansion should not be installed.



  • Disables enemy radar and anti-air defense
  • Good speed.


  • Unarmed, has no offensive weapon
  • Prior target to aircraft.
  • Vulnerable to anti-vehicles units


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