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Lurking eyes at your disposal!
- Radar Van

The radar van was a GLA-owned van with a mobile radar uplink, used during the GLA Conflict.

Game Unit[]

Purchased from an Arms Dealer, the Radar Van is a recon unit with a long sight range. It doubles as GLA's radar equivalent and has stealth detection, which its Radar Scan ability also inherits. The Radar Van must be physically present (I.E. not in transit or a Tunnel Network) on the field to function. If destroyed or hit by an EMP, the radar goes offline unless a replacement returns to play.

While this unit is defenseless on its own, it can often be wise to bring some as part of a larger attack force to spot enemies from afar.





  • The Radar Van was to also possess a "Radar Jammer" ability before it was cut. Presumably, this ability would temporarily obscure a specified area from enemy view, similar to the mobile gap generator from the original Red Alert.


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