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In the Tiberium universe, radio stations were buildings from which radio signals were transmitted in order to relay information to the civilian population. Several of these were captured by Nod in Rio de Janeiro during the Second Nod Reunification War to help create civil unrest and enlist new members to the Brotherhood.

Storyline development[]

Four of these buildings were found in 2034 in Rio de Janeiro, airing information and GDI propaganda to the civilian inhabitants of the city.

The Rio Insurrection[]

Unrest, discontent... This is the very life fuel of Nod. The stokes of rebellion will strip GDI of their support and weaken the foundation their supposed mandate. Rio shall be purified in the flames of rebellion!
- Kane to LEGION after capturing the radio stations

The stations were one of the means of GDI control in the city. They transmitted information, with GDI propaganda along it. This made them a prime target for the Nod insurgents led by LEGION. They have defeated the GDI soldiers guarding the radio stations, while the Saboteurs seized the buildings.

On capture, they were rewired to spread the word of Kane and rally even more downtrodden citizens of Rio to Nod's cause, while inspiring nearby Nod combatants with fervor and increased will to fight. After all four were captured, Kane authorized LEGION to produce the new Scorpion tank.

After the insurrection was in full swing, the Rio Warlord revealed himself, taunting the forces of LEGION and proclaiming himself the true heir of Nod. One of his targets were the captured radio stations, which LEGION had to defend from the splinter faction's attacks.