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Feeding their rage!
- The Redeemer unleashing the Rage Generator
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The Redeemer about to activate its Rage Generator

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The Rage Generator is the product of a dreadful technology that was developed by LEGION. As its name implies, the device causes enemy units to violently turn on each other, by overwhelming their minds with the sensations of blind fury or seething resentment. While specifics on how it functions are unknown, the Rage Generator appears to induce powerful brainwave modifications, and it is able to do so from extreme range. Operating at high resonant frequencies, even vehicle operators will be affected by it.

The Rage Generator is only encountered on the Brotherhood of Nod's "Redeemer" war machine. Although the effects of its brainwave modifications do not appear to be permanent, the weapon represents an extreme danger on any battlefield, as it not only instills uncontrollable rage within human forces, but is even capable of corrupting the alien minds of the Scrin. The effects of the Rage Generator are comparable to those of the hallucinogenic grenades used by the Black Hand's Confessors, with the rather notable difference that it will affect whole armies or civilian population centers with a single discharge.

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