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Let's go on a raid!
- Raider Buggy

The Raider buggy is Nod's anti-infantry/anti-air recon vehicle in Tiberium Wars and Kane's Wrath.


The Raider Buggy was the most common Nod vehicle during the Third Tiberium War, and served a variety of practical roles. Easy to build and fairly sturdy, Raider Buggies were equipped with burst-firing machine guns that could make short work of infantry and other light targets. When upgraded with EMP coils, Raider Buggies could play a key role in countering enemy armor divisions.[1]

Game unit[]

The Raider buggy's primary role is reconnaissance, but when equipped with EMP coils from the Tech lab, it can be surprisingly effective at countering enemy armor assaults and neutralizing base defenses in one swift attack by disabling them. It can also be upgraded with Spitfire laser capacitors, which replaces the machine gun with a medium power laser, increasing the buggy's firepower.

Using EMP coils, many Nod units are able to reach well-defended enemy targets. First, they send in a storm of buggies and order them all to EMP in the middle of the enemy AA defenses, just as the bombers come in. This is generally countered by spreading out defenses rather than building tight clusters or building a defense tight enough that no buggy would break through. Black Hand and Marked of Kane raider buggies can detect stealth.




The Raider Buggy performs nicely in slaughtering infantry in the same tier and scouting the map. However, preparing large packs of cloaked Raider Buggies with EMP coils in the later stages of a game can literally toss an unstoppable armada of Mammoth tanks into disarray. A similar tactic can be used to shut down base defenses, as a commander can simply toss Raider Buggies at the opposing defenses and use the EMP ability to shut them down, while they use their more powerful and expensive units to demolish everything and anything in the base.



When created[]

  • Let's go on a raid!

When selected[]

  • Raider here!
  • Where they at?
  • I got something for 'em!
  • They won't keep up!
  • Let's go find 'em!
  • Ready to go!
  • Where's the next raid?

When moving[]

  • On the move!
  • Quick!
  • Going!
  • Moving!
  • Over there!
  • Hurry!
  • Let's go!

When ordered to attack[]

  • Let's go, let's go!
  • Hit it!
  • There!

When attacking[]

  • Hit 'em 'n run!
  • Now, now!
  • Mow 'em down!
  • Take 'em out!
  • Attack!
  • Get 'em!

When ordered to fire an EMP blast[]

  • Shut 'em down!
  • Hit the switch!
  • Take the power out!
  • Got something special for you!
  • Welcome to the Stone Age!
  • Enjoy!

In combat[]

  • Keep firing!
  • Do it quick!
  • Stay on 'em!
  • Keep it up!
  • Wipe 'em out!
  • Pretty sweet, eh?
  • Watch this!
  • No mercy!
  • How you like the taste of that?
  • No extra charge!
  • How do you like this?

When retreating[]

  • Let's get outta here!
  • Time to go!
  • I'm outta here!


This is my concept for the NOD Raider. It was inspired by dune buggies. The driver sits in a cavalryman position which lent the unit a Mad Max-like quality to it which fit the NOD theme well. This design decision favors something looking cool and having an attitude over something being safe or practical.

There are 2 versions of this unit. The rendering is the "real world" version and can be seen in the CNC3: Tiberium Wars strategy guide. The other version is the in-game unit which is simplified and more closely resembles the line drawing. I modeled both versions in 3DS Max.
- Leon Gor

  • In the game's source files, the Raider buggy is known as "ScorpionBuggy" and the Scorpion tank is known as "RaiderTank".


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  1. Jason Bender. 2007-03-13. Command & Conquer 3 Faction Feature. IGN.
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