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Purchase the Railgun upgrade at the Tech Center to equip all Predator and Mammoth tanks with railgun technology.

Railgun upgrade is an upgrade used by GDI and Steel Talons in Tiberium Wars and Kane's Wrath.


Following the Second Tiberium War, GDI continued research into railgun technology, eventually solving the power consumption issue that once limited the weapon to enormous vehicles like the Mammoth Mk. II. As a result, more compact railguns were developed, which could be mounted on most armored vehicles.[1]

Railgun technology offers numerous advantages over conventional ballistics, chief among them is intensely superior firepower.[2]

Game effect

The railgun upgrade greatly increases the firepower of affected units. In addition, it also makes them more accurate, allowing them to target infantry more effectively. Units with this upgrade are affected by the railgun accelerator support power.

Damage statistics
Predator tank Titan Mammoth tank Guardian cannon Battle base
Without upgrade 400 450 500 200 500
With upgrade 572 625 1200 500 525



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