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Ramon Vicente was the head of security at the GDI Treasury in West Virginia.[1]


Vicente was present when Nod forces broke into and raided GDI's treasury complex. He frantically contacted Redmond Boyle, GDI's Treasurer, after the attack was over and informed him of the new issues he would have to attend to - namely, the billions of credits worth of damage done to the complex itself, the identity of the perpetrator of the attack (as Nod forces had been careful to leave no trace of their presence), and the matter of explaining the raid to the GDI Council. These duties kept Boyle earthbound, a "coincidence" that eventually led to him becoming Director.

The Brotherhood of Nod's intelligence officers intercepted and decrypted the transmission from Vicente, and this information was placed within their archives.

What became of Vicente is unknown.


Ramon Vicente is mentioned the an Intelligence Database entry in Kane's Wrath.


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