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For the Generals infantry of the same name, see Ranger (Generals).
RA1 Ranger Icons

The basic reconnaissance vehicle of the Allies is a Ranger all-terrain jeep armed with an M60 machine gun mounted on it. It was used during the Second World War.


The vehicle is among the fastest ground units used in the war. As the war continued, their design was standardized among the Allied nations for easy construction and maintenance.

Game unit

The Ranger is cheap and easy to produce. It can be used as a scout to explore the battlefield and to harass enemy bases especially when in conjunction with Light Tanks. It is also effective against infantry, but it can not crush them. It is the first vehicle available to the Allies in the campaign. However, it possesses virtually no armour, which renders it vulnerable to any foe other than infantry. They are also unable to deal with air units. Interestingly, Ranger cannot transport infantry in-game, so an APC is required for this purpose, probably due to protection issues.


Tiberium Universe

Ranger was later replaced by the Humvee by the time of the First Tiberium War

Red Alert Universe

It was not seen again after the war, as it was replaced by the more versatile Infantry Fighting Vehicle by the time of the Third World War and its second iteration



  • Effective against infantry and light ground vehicles
  • Very fast.
  • Reasonably cheap ($600).
  • Good at hit-and-run tactics


  • Weak armor
  • Vulnerable to anti-vehicles units
  • Vulnerable to air units.
  • Ineffective against tank and building
  • Incapable of squishing infantry.




  • The sprite closely resembles an M38A1 or M151 MUTT, while the rendered versions are closely modeled after a Jeep Wrangler YJ (the first generation Wrangler).
  • Although in-game it is an exclusively Allied unit, one cutscene showed the Soviets using a Ranger, most likely representing a GAZ-67 or similar vehicle.
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