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Reactor (Red Alert 3) is about a particular building, which is a stub. You can help by expanding it.
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The reactor is the primary power production structure used by the Soviet Union during the Third World War and The Uprising.

Game building

The reactor is the basic source of power for the Soviets, and a way to open new buildings and units.

Later it is usually replaced by super reactor, which provides more power for a better price.

Their design resembles a large furnace with a large stack. Though considered less efficient and unclean, they occupy less space than Allied and Imperial power sources.


  • It is unknown why the reactor is named as such despite not being nuclear in nature. One possibility is that rather than using a nuclear reaction to produce energy it’s using some sort of chemical based reaction for power generation instead. This would track given the noted connection between the larger super reactor and the desolation based chemical tech.
  • Unlike its larger cousin, the super reactor, this reactor does not explode with a large blast if destroyed.

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