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The Reactor is the Scrin equivalent of the GDI and Nod Power Plants. It generates power by harnessing Tiberium radiation. While the Drone Platform also produces a small amount of power, reactors produce the vast majority of power used by Foremen on the field. Its power output could be augmented with a Fusion Core so long as there was a Technology AssemblerTW or a Nerve CenterKW present on the battlefield. This modification has to be made at each reactor individually.

As with all power structures, the reactor is a prime target in combat due to its relative frailty, especially when upgraded. By destroying a Foreman's source of power, enemies of the Scrin could shut down their defenses and enter their base with drastically reduced resistance.


CNCTW Fusion Core Cameo.png
Fusion Core When a Nerve Center is present on the battlefield, Reactors can be upgraded to mount Fusion Cores and generate 20 additional power. This upgrade must be applied individually to each Reactor. It costs $400 and takes 10 seconds to install a Fusion Core (Ctrl+A). Purchasable at Reactor itself



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