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Reap What You Sow is a side challenge for Commander's Challenge.

The FutureTech Commander battles Vera Belova, who was defeated along with Takara Sato and Lydia Winters during Cat Fight. She tells FutureTech that this unit severely causes some pain as a monster to anyone who's in the way. This could or couldn't be a reference to the Shogun Executioner, Moskvin's nightmare to which he was killed in Odessa during a rampaging mission on the city, the King Oni that destroyed the FutureTech building during the trembling of Amsterdam or the Giga Fortress that a Soviet soldier said was bigger than a Kirov Airship. It's the twenty-fifth mission after King of the Monsters and before All Guns Blazing.


After twenty-four fantastic victories including a survival round on not being stumped on by the Shogun Executioner in Laos, the Futuretech Commander heads back to the Soviet Union to bring back the Reaper to Amsterdam in making another modification to its old equivalent, the KDB-5 Sickle from the last war. The Commander crosses the hill and defeats Vera Belova in styled timing. The unlocked technology is sent to Amsterdam as the Commander comes down to the Pacific Ocean in getting the Imperials' ultimate defense structure of theirs: the Wave-Force tower.

Strategies and Notes[]

  • Vera has access to the Iron Curtain and Tesla Coils
  • Vera will focus on creating many Reapers and a few Sickles
  • Reapers have poor anti-air capability but are still deadly to aircraft.
  • Reapers can destroy tanks along with infantry when they leap, so tanks may not be the best way to win.
  • Focus on expanding to the ore mines before Vera does, this will make your life easier.
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