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The Scrin sect Reaper-17 uses its own advanced Annihilator Tripod variant called the Reaper Tripod.


An upgraded version of the already fearsome Annihilator Tripod, Reaper Tripods are even more dangerous thanks to Tiberium-charged weaponry. Standing tall on three legs, the menacing Reaper Tripod sports three "arms" each armed with a deadly energy beam capable of slicing through the thickest armor. If it closes in, the Tripod can EMP any vehicular or structural target. For added protection, Reaper Tripods can also be upgraded with Scrin energy shields. Reaper Tripods can also charge their weapons on Tiberium for added firepower. Once destroyed, Tripods leave behind Husks that can be recovered by any commander.


CNCTW Conversion Beam Cameo
Conversion Beam Reaper Tripods can charge their weapons from nearby Tiberium fields or allied Extractors/Refineries, receiving a sizable boost in firepower represented by a green beam. The Tiberium charge inflicts 800 (Cannon) damage every 2 seconds and costs $100 to charge fully. Each shot consumes 10 credits of the stored Tiberium (Ctrl+S).
CNCTW Uncombine with Buzzers Cameo
Uncombine with Buzzers Orders the Buzzer swarm attached to the vehicle to detach and roam freely (Ctrl+A).
Vehicle Crusher This unit can crush most Tier 1 and Tier 2 vehicles as well as heavy infantry by simply walking over them, and can do so without suffering any penalties to movement speed.


CNCTW Forcefield Generators Cameo
Forcefield generators Adding Forcefield Generators equips Reaper Tripod with glowing energy shields for added protection, absorbing up to 2500 points of damage. Shields take 100% damage from all damage types except Sniper (1%). Shields regenerate 2 minutes after being damaged or destroyed (Ctrl+A). Purchasable at any Technology Assembler for $4000 and takes 1:30 to research.
CNCKW Conversion Reserves Cameo
Conversion Reserves Double the amount of Tiberium that a Reaper Tripod can hold, increasing the amount of charge to 20 shots with the cost to fully charge remaining constant at $100 worth of raw Tiberium. However, the upgrade reduces their damage (Ctrl+F). Purchasable at Reaper-17 Technology Assembler for $1000 and takes 0:30 to research.


This unit is a mutation of the Annihilator Tripod, a result of the Reaper's excessive Tiberium infusions. The Reaper Tripod eclipses the normal Annihilator due to its ability to absorb Tiberium to enhance its conversion beams, similar to the Devourer Tank. This weapon can be upgraded with Conversion Reserves to accommodate more Tiberium.



  • Outrange most vehicles
  • Powerful
  • Heavily armoured
  • Unlike regular Annihilators, it can use Tiberium to charge its weapons
  • It has EMP weapons at close range
  • It is effective at guarding Tiberium Fields from most enemy ground units (one may need to throw in a few Shard Walkers to ensure no air units threaten them or the Foreman's Harvesters)
  • In groups its combination of EMP weapons and Lasers are effective against Epic Units
  • Can have Forcefields with upgrade (cost of upgrade is reduced to 2000 credits in Reaper-17's case)
  • Can crush smaller vehicles
  • Reapers leave husks so it may brought back online at cost of an Assimilator
  • Greater firepower and armor than the devourer tank.


  • Expensive (3000 credits)
  • Vulnerable to commandos
  • Defenseless against aircraft
  • Slow
  • Charging drying-out conversion beams in the middle of an attack can be a bother
  • Reaper leaves a husk allowing Engineers, Saboteurs, and rogue Assimilators to use the Tripod against its creators
  • In version 1.02, Reaper Tripod's conversion reserve is bugged. Once bought, the charged beam do less damage than it used to be


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