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Rebel Ambush
Affiliation Gen GLA Logo.png Global Liberation Army
Build time 4:00
Requires GLA Command Center
Hotkey A
Abilities Creates a surprise ambush of Rebels at the target location

The Rebel Ambush was a unique promotional power that could be selected by GLA generals of a certain rank. This ability enabled them to place a small group of Rebels anywhere on the battlefield, seemingly as if from thin air. Quite how these Rebels managed to 'appear' in such a way is a mystery; presumably they were trained in stealth, or similar. Whatever the case there were 3 ranks of Rebel Ambush; at its lowest level only 4 Rebels would appear, progressing to 8 and then 16 Rebels.

While rebels were, of course, a poor match for enemy vehicles, a Rebel Ambush often proved an excellent distraction technique if nothing else. A busy enemy commander might not notice a group of Rebels appearing in his base and they might at least have been able to take out or capture some units/facilities before themselves being killed. The Camouflage upgrade added greatly to the usefulness of the Rebel Ambush, as stealthy Rebels placed deep into enemy territory could act as spies. For General Juhziz, a group of Rebels upgraded with the Demolition self-destruct ability could cause serious damage when placed close to enemy facilities.


  • While there is only 1 Rebel Ambush general power for all GLA subfactions, each faction's Command Center houses different variation of this general power. For example, a normal GLA player managing to capture a Dr. Thrax's Command Center will be able to summon Toxin rebel if the power is activated from Dr. Thrax's Command Center itself, rather than from the sidebar, or the normal GLA Command Center.


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