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For other uses, see Reckoner.

The Reckoner is a Nod infantry transport used in the Ascension Conflict.


It is distinguished from its predecessor in that it now has the ability to burrow and move underground, exactly like the Subterranean APC used during the Second Tiberium War. As with the previous model, this Reckoner can deploy. The critical diffrence is that unlike the first version which was immobile once deployed, this version could redeploy again and again.[1] Can transport up to three warriors into combat, and since patch 1.02 has now become a fearsome weapon for the Nod Defense class. Now able to allow units to fire from it while mobile, and still only costing 6 command points, four Reckoners are more than capable of embarassing three Armadillos (While remaining 2 command points cheaper) when outfitted properly. When upgraded with the drill, the Reckoner can burrow underground (Allowing it's units to pop out behind enemy defenses) and gains increased health. Also, deploying the Reckoner switches it's armor type to heavy, allowing the user to effectively choose which armor class will take less damage (Mobile against lasers, deployed against cannons).

A very useful tactic (Post-patch only) is to outfit multiple Reckoners with an Engineer in each one as well as several other Tier 1 infantry units (Or the Cyborg Commando as well when possible). Doing so allows the wielder to damage most enemy unit types effectively, while rarely losing any units of their own due to the regenerative nature of the Engineers.



  • Someone want a transport?


  • Transport ready!
  • Got a pickup?
  • Waiting on you, chief.
  • Reckoner is a go.
  • We have everybody?
  • I'll take any mission.
  • Load 'em up!


  • Up and over.
  • It's what I'm here for.
  • Copy.
  • Just a sec.
  • Right.
  • Setting route.
  • Buckle up.
  • Gotta keep moving.
  • Hang tight.
  • Where's the stop?


  • You guys got that?
  • Enemy in range!
  • He's not going anywhere!
  • There's one!
  • Another!
  • Don't blink, just shoot!
  • That one's in range!

Taking Fire

  • They're here!
  • Reckoner, reporting incoming!
  • We got enemies!
  • Close one!
  • Armor's holding, for now!
  • Getting a lot of dings here!


  • We're getting out of this alive!
  • Regroup!
  • Backing it up!



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