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The Reclamator Hub is GDI's epic unit construction facility in Kane's Wrath.


The reclamator hub is responsible for the construction and maintenance of the Mammoth Armored Reclamation Vehicle. Similar to the Nod war factory, the majority of the facility is concealed underground. It is equipped with two Tiberium silos and a large smokestack, presumably for storing the Tiberium harvested by the MARV.

In addition to constructing the MARV, it can also function as a standard war factory, complete with three repair drones.

Game structure


See GDI war factory § Production for all standard GDI vehicles

Global Conquest

In Global Conquest, the reclamator hub is a strategic structure that costs $6000 and allows the construction of strike forces that contain a MARV in the base where the structure is built.



  • The Tiberium silos on the structure are purely cosmetic and do not increase Tiberium storage capacity.


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