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Recon bike is a light vehicle used by Nod in Tiberian Dawn.


The Raptor[1] recon bike is a lightly armored fast-attack vehicle equipped with twin Dragon TOW missile launchers and four forward-facing light machine guns. Although hard-hitting, the recon bike has almost no armor to maintain its speed, consisting of a single-piece armor plate and plexiglass windshield mounted over the front wheel. It's intended for use in reconnaissance and supporting Nod units against armored and airborne targets.

Game unit

The bike is a bit more expensive than the Humvee or Nod buggy. While it lacks comparable armour, its missiles are very effective against the medium and Mammoth tanks, not to mention lighter targets like the MLRS. Its speed allows the bike to evade tank shells, artillery, rockets, and missiles with some basic micromanagement. Finally, it can also be used as a mobile SAM site in a pinch: If left in guard mode, it will automatically attack airborne targets.

However, it's not designed for prolonged engagements, especially against units armed with instant-hit weapons, like machine guns. It's perfect for hit-and-run attacks and harvester hunting.


Recon Bikes are first available to the player starting in Friends of the Brotherhood but more can be built in Grounded.



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