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Recon One is a GDI unit appearing in Renegade.


Recon One is attached to Brigadier General Adam Locke's command and is deployed during Operation Scorpion Hunters to locate a hidden Nod base. It consists of a medium tank, APC, Humvee, and a squad of minigunners and rocket infantry, including two officers.[1]

Mission events

The unit is ambushed after coming to a roadblock in canyon. Nod troops were positioned on ledges and caves above. All the vehicles were destroyed except the tank, which was merely disabled. Additional enemy troops arrived by Chinook. Recon One was reinforced by Captain Nick Parker, a commando, and fought its way out of the ambush. Engineers repaired the tank and the survivors advanced.[1]

Beyond the roadblock the unit was further reinforced from the air and eventually located the base.[1]


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