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The recon bike was a Nod anti-armour recon vehicle during the First Tiberium War. While not present in standard Renegade gameplay, it can be added to multiplayer maps.



The recon bike is used as a hit-and-run vehicle, going into the battlefield to either harass slower armored vehicles or to finish off heavily damaged vehicles before retreating.

Recon bikes have the ability to lock on to their targets, allowing them to go after fast moving vehicles such as the Humvee, APC and the Orca.

Recon bikes have low health and no armor, so they should never be exposed to enemy forces for long.


The recon bike is both small and fast, making it hard to hit.

Still, the bike has a measly 125 units of health and lacks armor, making it vulnerable to most attacks, even basic infantry weapons. A few shots from the ramjet rifle or the personal ion cannon will instantly pulverize it.



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