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Recon bike is a light vehicle used by Nod in Tiberian Dawn.


Nod's recon bike is a peculiar motorcycle with a frontal plexiglass cockpit. Even though its a motorcycle, it has to use its back wheel to turn because the front wheel is fixed in place.

The Recon Bike was developed with the dual role of fast reconnaissance as well as light anti-tank support to combat GDI's armored superiority, in both the Medium tank and Mammoth tank.


In the Second Tiberium War, Nod fielded a similar version entitled the Attack cycle.

By the Third Tiberium War, Nod created the Attack Bikes, changing its design from a Cruiser style to a Sport style, with the rider leaning forward over the gas tank, as well as replacing the twin rocket launchers with two low slung missile pods.

During the Ascension Conflict, Nod reverted back to the old Cruiser design, along with upgraded rockets for their new Attack Bike.


The Recon bike is reasonably expensive, costing more than a Humvee or Nod Buggy. However, it is even less armored than either. It's advantages are its Anti-Tank TOW Missiles and its high mobility. The Attack Bike's speed can be used to evade Tank (APDS) shells, artillery shells, rockets and missiles. Machine guns are notably less affected by the Recon Bike's fast speed.



  • Fastest ground unit in the game; can escape from most situations
  • Agility can be its natural defense by evading most projectiles.
  • Very cheap (cost $500)
  • Effective against ground and air vehicles
  • A group of six bikes can take out a mammoth tank and losing only one
  • Devastating in groups


  • Virtually unarmored
  • Can be squashed by tanks and harvesters.
  • Needs numbers to be effective which will take in turn more resources to churn them.
  • Practically weak against infantry


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