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Patch 1.002 for Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2 was released in November 2000.

The downloadable patch executable includes patch 1.001.


General issues

  • Fixed the "Place Structure Anywhere" Paratroopers issue.
  • Fixed an issue with the ConYard. When it was destroyed and you got a new ConYard, your build options did not refresh unless you clicked on the Build Tab to force the refresh.
  • You can now press the '#' key assigned to a created team a second time and it will center the screen around that team. For example, press 1 to select team 1. Pressing 1 a second time will center the screen on that team.
  • Occupying Tech Buildings will now uncover the Shroud at that location.
  • If all of your buildings are destroyed, but you have an undeployed conyard (MCV), and are playing in "Short Game", the game will no longer end.

Singleplayer campaign issues

  • Modified Auto Save to save EACH mission, rather than saving over the same file every time. The net result is that you will now have several auto-saves (one for each mission.)
  • The game timer during the singleplayer campaign will now pause while you are in the Menu or Pause screens.

Multiplayer game issues

  • You now have the option of turning off Asian and/or Non-Asian chat.
  • Fixed the Ping Indicators in the Westwood Online lobbies.
  • Moved the Clan Abbreviations in the Custom Match player Lobby a bit to the left so ranks of 100+ would not get abbreviated.
  • Changed the names of the bunkers in Westwood Online to reflect the gamer's country of origin. This may help separate the various languages in the lobbies.

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