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The Red Alert 3 Community Summit held in June 2008 was an event organized by Electronic Arts Los Angeles to promote Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 by allowing prominent commnunity members to play the fiscal beta version of the game against each other and the developers and share feedback.


After unpacking in a hotel and sleeping over a night, participants were sent on presentations of features and goals of Red Alert 3, with multiplayer matches that followed. They were also able to see the set of Battlecast Primetime and discuss the show with David Silverman.


2poc & Dav'
Part 1 of Planet CNC's video footage
Part 2 of Planet CNC's video footage
Part 3 of Planet CNC's video footage

Other notes

  • Attendants were situated in the five-star Ritz Carlton hotel.
  • One of the posters in the EALA studios showed the cancelled Tiberium game.
  • The last night of the summit involved a visit to Medieval Times, an arena where two knights battle and their audience is divided from each other. This lead to the internal "Red Knight" creed.

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