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A list of weapons found in Red Alert 3.

125mm Drakon cannons

- Apocalypse Tanks, about to demonstrate the Drakon's firepower on a target
RA3 Main Cannons Icons.png

The WWIII-era Apocalypse Tank, armed with twin 125 Drakon Cannons.

The 125mm "Drakon" Cannons are the mainstay guns of the Apocalypse tanks during the Third World War's third iteration. These heavy assault cannons are known to rip apart many ground vehicles (even Assault Destroyers and King Onis are vulnerable to its rounds) but, as the Soviet commanders said, it was ineffective as an AA (Anti-Air) or AP (Anti-Personnel) weapon.

The Apocalypse's alternative to the 125mm Drakons were their Schuka M-Harpoons, which drags escaping hostile enemies into its devastating grinders or prevent bigger hostiles from retreating, making them easy prey.

Beam katana

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Eliminator chain gun

RA3U Chain Gun Icons.png
That one still moving!
- Harbinger using the gun

The Eliminator Chain Gun is a weapon used by the Harbinger gunship. It is a 25mm chain gun mounted on the nose of the Harbinger. Linked to targeting systems that track the gunner's eye movements, it is an extremely accurate weapon, capable of shredding lightly-armored surface threats without causing significant damage to the surrounding area. It also has a very high rate of fire. As opposed to the more powerful, but less accurate and slower 120mm Collider Cannons of the Harbinger.

God's Breath device

A Giga Fortress firing the God's Breath device

The God's Breath device is a devastating weapon used only by the Empire of the Rising Sun's fearsome Giga Fortresses.

It is an energy cannon mounted within the "mouth" of the Giga Fortress, only usable when the Fortress is in its aerial configuration. When fired, the God's Breath device launches a devastating energy beam, capable of demolishing anything in its path, units and structures alike.

Despite its power, the weapon has a relatively slow rate of fire, and can only attack ground units. Furthermore, aiming the weapon requires the entire Giga Fortress to turn, and it cannot hit units that are too close to the Fortress itself, making the Giga Fortress extremely vulnerable to nimble anti-air units, such as Javelin soldiers and Flak troopers.

Grummond-8 pump shotgun

Photon rocket swarm-pod

Swarm Pods in Action

Here I come!!
- Rocket Angels firing their rockets at Tanks
RA3 Combat Mode Icons.png

Swarm Pods are the main weapons used by the Imperial Rocket Angels. These rockets are accurate and effective against all types of Vehicles and Aircraft but not so efficient against infantry unless the infantry doesn't retaliate. The warheads of these rockets are loaded with a chemical substance that undergoes a reaction with oxygen that causes significant LASER effect, causing damage to the target contacted. The chemical reaction is optimized for maximum by a micro-computer, so, understandably, there is no actual evidence of long-range lasing that is visible-except to the oft-doomed target, that is.

The Rocket Angel may switch to the Paralysis whip which can disable any surface target in its tracks.

Scramblegun weapon jammer

Shirada Cannons

A Shogun Battleship firing its 400mm Shirada Cannons

Shirada Cannons are the primary weapons of the Empire of the Rising Sun's Shogun Battleship and Giga Fortress. Created by Shirada Shipworks, a major Imperial zaibatsu responsible for the development of most of the Empire's naval vessels, the Shirada Cannons are extremely powerful naval guns, possibly the most advanced of its kind. They fire superheated slugs, capable of devastating enemy vessels and structures, and have a remarkable rate of fire.

A Giga Fortress firing its 350mm Shirada Cannons

The Shirada Shipworks attempted to create a land version of the Shirada Cannons to compete with Kanegawa Industries' Wave-Force Artillery. However, a string of accidents with the prototype, supposedly due to calibration errors, crippled Shirada's effort and soon afterwards the Wave-Force Artillery went into full production. Though later investigation implies that Kanegawa may have sabotaged the Shirada prototype.

Sigma Harmonizer

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Spyglass target designator

Wave-force glaive

The Wave-Force Glaive is an armament for the Steel Ronin. This can fire through the Steel Ronin's armour onto enemy forces. Imperial forces had used it in their campaign plus both Soviet and Allied storylines. They were best known for their defense of a tomb belonging to Tatsu's deceased father, Yoshiro. They were defending the building from being destroyed to make way for a Soviet Naval Yard under Moskvin. The robot was used also by Kenji Tenzai at Osaka against the Allied occupational forces under a famed Allied Commander surrounding his military headquarters.

WP100 Sonic Disruptor

RA3 Dolphin Icons.png

The WP100 Sonic Disruptor is a custom-made, waterproof sonic device utilized by Allied dolphins. Fitted around their flippers and dorsal fin, these devices act like underwater jackhammers, pounding enemy targets until they begin to break apart. It has a high rate of fire, and is effective against all types of ships, without causing any environmental side-effects. The dolphins themselves able to ignore the weapon frequencies and still communicate effectively with each other and their commanders even in battle.

Allied attack dogs are fitted with a modified version of the device, which sacrifices its killing power in exchange for the ability to stun enemy infantry.